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Food that is locally sourced to help you grow and sustain your family and our community



With young children in tow, Lora Neel started visiting local farmer’s markets as a Saturday morning activity. This grew into a desire to eat more locally produced and grown foods, as well as fascination to discover the bounty of the seasons. Along the way, Lora was exposed to many new products crafted by small vendors and sold at the farmer’s markets. Unfortunately, as many of those businesses grew they were no longer sold through the market and proved difficult to find in grocery stores. Years later, an idea was born for Lora and her family to curate a specialty food store where all the amazing products that she had found could be purchased in one location. Having lived in Apex for over 20 years, downtown Apex seemed like the perfect spot for this true family business, coined “ELK Local Foods”. This store brings together a passion for supporting health through better food, being a part of a strong community, and eating and buying locally.

About Us

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